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DNA Testing Fees


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Brown/Browne/Braun DNA Study -- Testing Fees

Note: The Brown DNA Study is open to Brown-surnamed men who have tested with any lab. Nonetheless we strongly recommend that any new participants test with our contractor, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). The most important reason is that FTDNA has by far the largest customer database of any company in the “DNA genealogy” community – with more than 300,000 sets of test results. It appears that other companies haven’t revealed the sizes of their customer bases, although the largest of them probably has no more than 50,000 sets of results. Therefore, any test purchased from FTDNA will normally have vastly greater “comparison power” than the tests offered by other companies. Correspondingly, the probability of finding a DNA match for yourself will almost always be much higher if you test via FTDNA.

(If you've already tested via another lab, however, still please get in touch. We still can include your results in the Brown project!)



Project Members' Testing Fees via Family Tree DNA: 

 12 Marker Y Chromosome test - $54.00

 37 Marker Y Chromosome test - $154.00

 67 Marker Y Chromosome test - $243.00

(Also, there's an additional charge of USD 2.00 for kits mailed to non-USA addresses.)



 12 to 37 Marker Y Chromosome test - $99.00

 12 to 67 Marker Y Chromosome test - $189.00

 25 to 37 Marker Y Chromosome test - $49.00

 25 to 67 Marker Y Chromosome test - $148.00

 37 to 67 Marker Y Chromosome test - $99.00

Please keep in mind that these prices are discounted for project members. Your kit must be ordered through the project to get any these prices. 

The test we strongly recommend for most new participants is 37 markers.   

But if cost is a serious issue for you, the "basic test" of 12 markers goes for only $54.00.
The 12-marker test is almost always adequate for "disproving" relationships. In other words, if it shows no match with another individual, then you can be virtually certain you aren't related to him.

On the other hand, this test often generates spurious or "false positive" matches. So if you test only for 12 markers and then find a match, you'll usually need an upgrade to 37 to determine if your match is genuine -- and your upgrade will entail an additional delay of four to eight weeks, not to mention a considerable cost premium.
The 67-marker test is seldom useful unless you have at least one or two matches who have also tested for 67 markers. But in any event, if you merely have a "scientific" curiosity about the results, then we won't discourage you from the 67-marker test.

Finally, if you live outside the USA, please note that there will be an additional mailing charge of USD 2.00.

To apply for membership, just send a short message that includes basic information on your earliest known Brown/Browne/Braun ancestor to our project's administrator, Jim Brown (James Armistead Brown, Jr.),            

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