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Charles Brown


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Charles Brown -  believed to have been born in 1774 in CT; died in 1861 in NY


 Kenneth Lyle Brown

Leon Brown (Sr.)

George Hoyt Brown

Harmon Gilson Brown

Charles Brown (believed to have been born in 1774 in CT; died in 1861 in NY)

 Related surnames on Brown side: Arnold, Hutchins, Ryan, Thompson, VanBlaricum, Wells

 Related surnames on Mother’s side (Waite): Miller, Waite, Courtright


Lyle Brown’s Genealogy: Started 5-27-2004; revised/updated 

Lyle LaMar Brown 

b. March 29, 1939 in a small house behind a cottage on the south side of Crooked Lake
Township, Steuben County, northwest of Angola, IN
m. Saturday Sept. 15, 1962 to Caroline Ann Brown at Resurrection Church (Catholic)
in Lansing, MI

Caroline Ann Brown b. December 1, 1938 in Lansing, MI at Saint Lawrence Hospital

Sister: Connie June Martin b. 1941 m. 1962? to Richard Martin in Angola, IN at _______ Church

Father: Kenneth Lyle Brown b. 1913, Mansfield, PA, on a farm 2 mile outside of Mainesburg, Pa. m. 1938 at a chapel in Auburn, IN d. Friday, 8-9-1994

Mother: Birdella Pearl Waite b. 19xx, IN? d. 1965?

Kenneth Lyle Brown married a second time to M. Wreathea Fisher VanWagner; no issue, 19

Daughters: Darla Jean Brown 

b. 9-12-1963 at St. Lawrence Hospital in Lansing, MI

Dorey Marie Brown b. 3-17-1968 at St. Lawrence Hospital in Lansing, MI, on Saint Patrick’s Day. m. 5-18- 1998 at the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas, NV

Lyle’s “Brown” line:

Father: Kenneth Lyle Brown
Grandfather: Leon Brown, Sr.
G Grandfather: George Hoyt Brown
GG Grandfather: Harmon Gilson Brown
GGG Grandfather: Charles Brown

Leon Brown, Sr. b. 12-07-1885, York Township, Steuben County, IN
m. 11-6-1910, the widow of Burl Anderson - Bertha Luella Hutchins Anderson
d. 11-26-1965
Bertha Luella Hutchins b. 11-10-1887 d. 8-14-1963

Related surnames on the Brown side: Arnold, Hutchins, Ryan, Thompson, Waite, Wells


THE LINE OF LYLE LaMar BROWN:                                 Revised 4-4-2005

 Kenneth Lyle Brown   Father

 Leon Brown (Sr.)            Grandfather

George Hoyt Brown   Great Grandfather

Harmon Gilson Brown   Great Great Grandfather (3 wives and 3 kids with each wife)

     (above line comes from his first marriage to Harriet Louise Van Blaricum)

Charles Brown (believed to have been born in 1774 in CT; died in 1861 in NY)

John(?) Brown (in Connecticut ?)

First ancestor may have came over in 1600’s per family lore


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