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Brown Surname Facts Page


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Earliest recorded Browns

John Brown -  born abt. 1312, Of, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England   (AFN: 9T82-2G)
John Brown -  born abt. 1380, of Stanford Draper,Tolethorpe,Rutlandshire,England, Died July 26 1442, Buried: All Saints Church,Stamford,Lincolnshire,England,  Compact Disc #19  Pin #443413    (AFN: 9T80-3C) Married : Margery about 1405

History of some Scottish Browns, including members of Clan Lamont and Clan MacMillan: Click Here


Browns of Ireland

While the name Browne does not appear in the records of Galway city until the year 1539 when Andrew Brown of Athenry was admitted as a freeman, the family was soon to reach an eminent position among the merchants. Andrew became a bailiff of the city in 1552 and in 1574 was elected Mayor. Thereafter a number of members of the family were to attain that office, perhaps the most notable being Sir Dominick Browne in 1634 who was knighted by the Lord Deputy, Thomas Wentworth. His eldest son, Geoffrey Browne was a member of the Supreme Council of the Confederation of Kilkenny. In 1651 he was sent by the Marquis of Clanricarde to negotiate at Brussels a treaty with the Duc de Lorraine in order to raise money for the Royalist army. The city of Galway was to be the security.

The Galway family of this name is descended from a Norman, de Brun, who came to Ireland with the early Normans. He is reputed to have been Philip Browne from whom are descended branches of the family in Munster and Connacht. They are distinct from the descendants of John Browne of the Neale, County Mayo, an Elizabethan settler, and from the Browns of Killarney, County Kerry. By the mid-seventeenth century, the Browne family owned a number of very substantial houses in Galway city.

The family most directly descended from the seventeenth century Sir Dominick Browne includes Lord Oranmore and Browne whose seat was at Castlemagarret near Claremorris, County Mayo. There are many representatives of the family still in Galway. It may be noted that the Argentinian Admiral William Browne, who died in 1857, may not have belonged to any of these families. He may have been an O'Breen of Mayo and his name could have been corrupted to Browne.

by T.P. O'Neill


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The most famous Browns

Molly Brown

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The most Notable Browns

Sir John Brown -  Mayor of London 1480

Born about 1440 Of London,Middx,Eng,  Married Alice SWINESHED about 1469,  Married Ann BETWOOD

James Brown
J.P.S. Brown - Tucson novelist, rancher, horseman, Hollywood stuntman and author of many Western books.

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The most infamous Browns:

John Brown

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The Oldest living Brown


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The Oldest Brown to have ever lived


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Countries Browns lived in


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Most Notable Brown Companies

Buster Brown Shoes
Brown Shoe
Dave Brown Hats - Hat maker to the Stars 
Brown & Haley Company -  Famous ALMOND ROCA® Buttercrunch and a delectable variety of gourmet confections

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Most Notable Brown Organizations


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Brown Surname Variations

Bramble Brann Braughn
Braun Braunbeck Braune
Brauneis Brauneller Brauner
Braunhardt Braun - Norway Brauns
Braunschweiger Braunstein Braunton
Braunwalder Brohn
Broun Brownback Brownbill
Brownbridge Browne - Ireland Brownell
Browneller Brownen Browner
Brownfield Brownhill Browning
Brownjohn Brownlee Brownlie
Brownless Brownlow
Brownmiller Brownsburger Brownscombe
Brownson Brownsword Brownyard
Bruan Bruen Bruene
Bruenette Brun Brunet
Brunette Brunetti Le Brun (French)
Bruun - Denmark de Brún - Ireland
Marrone (Italian) Moreno (Spanish) Pardo (Spanish)
Debruijn (Dutch) de Bruijn (Dutch)
We are compiling a list of surnames that may have been changed to "Brown" either by (1) translation, (2) shortening, or (3) a combination of translation and shortening.
contact Jim Brown.

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