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George BROWN - Texas


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George Brown

Family Group Record
Husband: George BROWN
    Birth: est 1843-1853  Texas?                                 
    Marriage: est 1872 - 18  Texas?
Wife: Emma SPEARS
       Birth: est 1848-1858  Texas?  

 1 M William Henry BROWN
       Birth: 6 Jan 1875     Texas                                  
       Death: 20 Feb 1939    Globe, Gila, Arizona                   
       Burial: 21 Feb 1939    Pinal Cem, Central Heights, Gila, AZ
       Residence: last residence:  Claypool, Gila, AZ             
The death certificate of William Henry Brown indicates:
1)  His father was George Brown, born in Texas, no other information available.
2)  His mother was Emma Spears, born in Texas, no other information available.
Family Group Record

Husband: William Henry BROWN

       Birth: 6 Jan 1875     Texas                                  
       Death: 20 Feb 1939    Globe, Gila, Arizona                   
       Burial: 21 Feb 1939    Pinal Cem, Central Heights, Gila, AZ
      Residence: last residence:  Claypool, Gila, Arizona                
      Marriage: 27 Sep 1906    Comal Co, Texas                        
      Father: George BROWN (b est 1843-1853)
      Mother: Emma SPEARS (b est 1848 and 1858)

Wife: Lola Bell BROWN
       Birth: 2 Aug 1889     Uvalde Co, Texas                       
       Death: 23 Jul 1964    Taylor, Williamson, Texas              
       Burial: 28 Jul 1964    Oak Hill Cem, Austin, Travis, Texas    
      Residence:                (on farm) Rt. 2 Box 232, Elgin, Bastrop,
      Father: William Cornelius "Will" BROWN (b 24 Dec 1867 in
                  Canada? or TX  - d 28 Feb 1937, Travis Co, TX)
      Mother: Melissa Jane "Lissie" MAPLES (b 6 Aug 1871, Uvalde
                  Co, TX - d. 17 Jan 1939 Travis Co, TX)
      Other spouse: Walter Lee WILKINS (m aft 1940)                        

 1 F Melissa Ann "Anna/Annie" BROWN
       Birth: 6 Oct 1907     Comal Co? Texas                        
       Death: 16 Feb 1967    Taylor, Williamson, Texas              
       Burial: 21 Feb 1967   Oak Hill Cem, Austin, Travis, Texas 
       Last Residence:  Elgin, Bastrop, Texas    
       Spouse: Marion McEuen SANDERS (m 17 May 1926 AZ)                 
       Spouse: Homer BARNETT (m bef 1945)                            
 2 F Emma Darline "Billie" BROWN
       Birth: 5 Nov 1911     New Braunfels, Comal, Texas            
       Death: 21 Nov 1982    Henderson, Clark, Nevada               
       Burial:                Palm Memorial Park, Clark Co, Nevada  
       Last Residence:  Henderson, Clark, Nevada  
       Spouse: Jesse Harold (Jackson) KING (m abt 1930 AZ)              
       Spouse: Hugh BEARUP (m abt 1958 NV)                              
 3 F Mary K. BROWN
       Birth: 19 Nov 1914    Travis Co, Texas                       
       Death: 8 Jan 1929     Claypool, Gila, Arizona                
       Burial: 9 Jan 1929     Pinal Cem, Central Heights, Gila, Arizon
       Last Residence:        Claypool, Gila, Arizona                
 4 M Travis Cornelius BROWN
       Birth: 24 Jun 1918    Hunter, Comal, Texas                   
       Death: 27 Dec 1989    Weaverville, Trinity, California       
       Burial: 30 Dec 1989    Weaverville Cem, Trinity Co, California 
       Last Residence:   Steiner Heights, Douglas City, Trinity, CA
       Spouse: Helen May CAMPBELL (m 23 Feb 1939 Gila Co, AZ)                    
       Spouse: Virginia Iris NORTH (m bet 1952 and 54 AZ)               
 5 F Norma Leona BROWN
       Birth: 20 Sep 1922    Mountainair, Torrance, New Mexico      
       Death: 21 Jan 1964    Anchorage, Anchorage Buro, Alaska      
       Burial: 25 Jan 1964    Angeles Memorial Park, Anchorage Buro, A
       Last Residence:        Mile 14, Eagle River, Anchorage Bur, Ala
       Spouse: Sidney Walter MCNAIR (m 6 Oct 1938 AZ)                   
       Spouse: Quiller BURNS (m bet 1940 and 1950  AZ)                   
 6 M Henry Elmer BROWN
       Birth: 8 Jul 1925     Midland City, Gila, Arizona            
       Death: 24 Feb 1938    Globe, Gila, Arizona                   
       Burial: 26 Feb 1938    Pinal Cem, Central Heights, Gila, Arizon
       Last Residence:        Claypool, Gila, Arizona                

General: I have never been able to find Wm. H. or his parents in the 1880 Texas
census, leading me to believe his father may have died and his mother remarried,
or, both parents died and he was raised by a different family.  The following census
info may be a possibility?

1880  BELL CO TX  Census 
RUSSEL, John A.  head     W  M  22   farmer               TX  MO  TN
RUSSEL, Emma A.  wife    W  F   24   keeping house   AL*  AL  AL
BROWN,  Wm. H.   stepson   W  M  7                         TX  TX  AL*
ROSS,      Wm.                     B  M   20   laborer           AR  __  __

31 Oct 2002, reply email from MB, she has found a marriage record for me.
John A. RUSSELL and E.B.S. BROWN 23 Jul 1878 in Milam Co, TX.
A note adds that the wife had been previously married.  COULD THIS BE EMMA
SPEARS-BROWN and my William Henry?  His death certificate indicated his parents
were both born in TX - is the above birth state info for Emma in error or could
the family have "forgotten" where she was born?
WorldConnect has the above census John A. Russell as the son of Barney Russell,
grandson of Alexander Russell (Burnet Co TX Russells)  WorldConnect file indicates
the wife of John A. Russell was Emma Lee Speirs
1910 Bexar Co TX census, sheet 6 B
ED 71, pct 8, enum 6-11-12 Apr 1910
Brown, Henry  head  36  m1=3 yrs  TX   AR**  TN**  charcoaler  cedar brakes
---Lola  wife  20  m1=3 yrs  TX  TX  TX
---Melissa Ann  dau  2  TX
Found him and family in 1920 COMAL Co TX census.  I had been looking in NM for
him as I remembered Dad saying that his family left TX for NM when he was 2 mo.
old.  I must have misunderstood, he must have meant 2 years old.
1920 Comal Co TX census, page 18
ED 129, pct 2,  16 - 17 Jan 1920
BROWN, William   head  47   TX  TX  TX  laborer   employer=Cedar(can't read)
Lola, wife  30  TX  TX  TX
Mellise, dau  12   school  TX  TX  TX
Emma, dau  8   school TX  TX  TX
Mary, dau  5  no school  TX  TX  TX
Travis, son 1  TX  TX  TX
A cousin told me her mother said Ann and Billie were sent to Catholic School when 
they were very young as that was the only school available where they lived in NM
1930 Gila Co AZ census, page 6 A
ED 38, Claypool,  27 Apr 1930
Brown, Henry  head  55  m@ age  33  TX  TX  TX  saw sharpener  copper co.
---Lola  wife  40   m@ age 17   TX  TX  TX
---Norma  dau  7  NM  TX  TX
---Travis  son  11  TX  TX  TX
---Henry  son  4  AZ  TX  TX
Melissa Ann is married and living in Maricopa Co.  Billie is not listed, but I
can't find her and husband Jess anywhere if they are married by this early in
the year.  Mary K. has died in 1928.
Certified copy of William and Lola's marriage certificate.  Married Comal Co,
TX 27 Sep 1906   (thanks to WQ lookup info)

AZ Archives cannot locate an obituary for William Henry Brown.

AZ Death Cert. photocopy from AZ Archives
Gives date of birth and place only as Texas. Actual location of death is Gila
Co. Hospital, Globe, Gila Co.; person giving info is Lola B. Brown, wife.  Trade
is listed as carpenter. Cause of death "Paralysis of larynx and muscles of
"deglutition"?, onset July 1938.  Names of parents listed as George Brown and
Emma Spears.  Place of birth for each listed as TX.
His death certificate gives his birth date as 6 Jan 1875.  I think he may have
been born in 1873:  a) His age in the 1910 and 1920 census indicates an earlier
birth than 1875  b)  He and Lola were married in Sep 1906 and the 1930 census
states he was married at age 33.  Those three items indicate a birth year
earlier than 1875.
I never saw William Henry, but my mother, Helen Campbell-Brown said he was well
over 6 ft. in height, perhaps 6' 4-5".
General: TXDI = Lola Bell Wilkins, 23 Jul 1964, Williamson Co.
TX death certificate = acute myelocytic leukemia
Obituary, published in American Statesman, Austin, Travis Co, TX
Oak Hill Cem = picture of funeral home marker, no headstone.
Oak Hill Cem index online did not list her, I contacted the man who did the
survey for GenWeb and he sent the info in to be included.
I have her maternal line very well documented.
CHILD NOTES: Melissa Ann "Anna/Annie" BROWN
General: Found living in her parents home in the 1920 Comal Co TX census
CHILD NOTES: Emma Darline "Billie" BROWN
General: Found living in her parents home in the 1920 Comal Co TX census
General: Photocopy of her death certificate received from AZ Archives.  She died at home
in Claypool after a fall on the back of her head. 
CHILD NOTES: Travis Cornelius BROWN
General:  Father of Walter Brown (# 4218) and Norma Brown Martin, contact for Walter.

General: Listed as Norma L. Burnes in Angeles Memorial Park, Anchorage, AK,  index in
AKGenWeb Archives.
General: Photocopy of AZ birth certificate.
Photocopy of AZ death certificate from AZ Archives.  Henry died in the Globe
Hospital after surgery for a ruptured appendix.  Infection had set in. The birth
year on his death certificate is 1923, the correct year is 1925.
Contact - 

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