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Hezekiah Brown - Ohio


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Hezekiah Brown 

We have 2 Miller Applications from 2 different sources giving the names of 2 different sets of parents for the BROWN siblings

1)  Hezekiah Brown married to Rachel Brownfield, a full blood Cherokee from the old Cherokee nation of GA   Miller Roll #45205, Margaret Welthy (Stephens) Brown and Miller Roll #405207,  Eva Naoma Brown


2)  Marrian Brown, who was 1/2 Cherokee, and Sarah  (?)  who was some Cherokee who owned a saw mill in Overaton Co, TN, and had to leave with the Cherokees in 1832 into OH    Miller Roll #32796, Misc. test #2388  Julia (BROWN) (Clark) West.

Generation No. 1


        1.  Hezekiah1 Brown  He married Rachel Brown/field.  She was born in Georgia. 


Children of Hezekiah Brown and Rachel Brown/field are:

+      2                 i.       John2 Brown, born 1807 in Ohio; died 1872 in Nowata Co., OK.   Buried in Martin Cemetery, Centralia,  Indian Territory  (Nowata County, OK).

+      3                ii.       James Brown, born July 03, 1809 in Ohio; died July 08, 1878 in Winterset, Madison Co., IA.  Buried in cemetery in Madison County, IA.

+      4               iii.       Thomas Vincent Brown, born September 10, 1816 in Ohio; died June 14, 1905 in Sparks, Cherry Co., Iowa, and is buried in cemetery in Sparks, Cherry Co, IA..

        5               iv.       Frances Brown, born ca 1827 in Ohio.  She married (1) Hugh Sheppard June 04, 1847 in Andrew Co., Missouri.  She married (2) Jonathan W. Robbins February 17, 1852 in Madison Co., Iowa.


Notes for Hugh Sheppard:

Hugh may be a brother to Nancy, married to Hezekiah. The Sheppards may be Cherokee.


+      6                v.       Hezekiah Brown, born ca 1831 in Ohio; died 1879 in 14 miles E. of Adair, Indian Territory, OK.


Generation No. 2


        2.  John2 Brown (Hezekiah1) was born 1807 in Ohio, and died 1872 in Nowata Co., OK. Buried in Martin Cemetery, Centralia,  Indian Territory  (Nowata County, OK).

  He married (1) Nancy Brownfield1 December 31, 1835 in Champaign Co., IL, daughter of John Brownfield.  She was born December 14, 1812 in Kentucky1, and died Bef. 1886 in MO or KS1.

 He married (2) Catherine Jane ?  ca 1854.  She was born 1827 in Virginia.  (Bert West said that she is buried in the West Cemetery, Strang, OK, near his parents John & Nancy (BROWN) West).   


Notes for John Brown:

John shows up first in the "Early Settler Roll 1832-35" in Champaign County, IL.  He married Nancy Brownfield 31 Dec 1835 in Champaign County, IL.   He moved his family to Iowa.   He is listed  on the 1850 Federal Census in Dekalb Co., MO with his family.   Then he moved to Kaw Twp, Jefferson Co., KS about 1854-55, buying land there. The 1860 Federal Census shows his second wife and other children in KS. About 1869/70, he moved with his family to South Coffeyville area in OK.  He was murdered on his way home from Nowata after trying to sign up on the Cherokee Indian land rolls. This took place in the early 1870's.  Two of his youngest sons, Mark and Hugh later became members of the Nighthawks who were against assimilating with the white government.  Hugh was arrested and served five years in the Federal Prison for his actions.  The Brown's were never able to sign up as Cherokees, because John's wife did not persue his signing with the Cherokees according to his daughter, Nancy (Brown) West .

Children of John Brown and Nancy Brownfield are:

        14               i.       William3 Brown, born 1837 in Champaign Co., IL.

        15              ii.       Rebecca Brown, born 1837 in Champaign Co., Illinois.  She married Jasper Newton Miller1 1858 in Jefferson County, Kansas; born Abt. 1831 in Bloomsburg, Columbia, Pennsylvania1; died February 11, 1880 in bur. Oak Hill Cemetery, Galena,, Cherokee County,Kansas1.

        16             iii.       Randolph Brown, born 1839.

        17             iv.       Mary Brown, born 1842.

        18              v.       Moses Brown, born 1843.

        19             vi.       Christiana Brown, born 1845.

        20            vii.       Sabrina Brown, born 1848.

        21           viii.       John B. Brown, born 1849 in Dekalb Co., MO.

        22              ix.       George Brown, born 1851 in Dekalb Co., MO.

        23               x.       Mary Ann Brown, born 1853 in Dekalb Co., MO.

        24              xi.       Nancy Brown. ???


    Children of John Brown and Catherine Jane are:

        7                 i.       Julia3 Brown, born 1856. 

+      8                ii.       Nancy Brown, born June 18, 1858 in Kaw, Jefferson Co., KS; died May 07, 1948 in Pryor, Mayes County, Oklahoma.(Indian Pioneer Papers, interviewed by James Carselowrey during WPA)

        9               iii.       Martin Brown, born June 1860.

        10             iv.       Sylvarlea Brown.

        11              v.       James Brown.

        12             vi.       Mark Brown.

        13            vii.       Hugh Brown.


    3.  James2 Brown (Hezekiah1)1 was born July 03, 1809 in Ohio1, and died July 08, 1878 in Winterset, Madison Co., IA.  He married Mary (Tindel) Randall  June 08, 1834 in Scioto, Co., OH.  She was born December 27, 1807 in Ohio, and died January 22, 1875 in Madison Co., IA.  Both are buried in an old United Brethren Church Cemetery, near Winterset, Madison Co, Iowa. 

Children of James Brown and Mary (Tindel) Randall are:

        25               i.       Sarah3 Brown1, born 1835 in Champaign Co., Illinois.  She married W.H. Edmunson April 25, 1861 in Madison Co., Iowa.

+      26              ii.       Thomas Brown, born February 23, 1837 in Champaign Co., Illinois; died July 16, 1910 in Fontonelle, Adair Co., IA.

        27             iii.       John Brown1, born 1839 in Illinois.

        28             iv.       William Brown1, born 1840 in Illinois.

        29              v.       James R. Brown1, born 1842 in Illinois.  He married Sarah Jane Phillips June 12, 1864 in Madison Co., Iowa.

        30             vi.       Elizabeth Brown1, born 1845 in Missouri.

+      31            vii.       Francis Marion Brown, born 1849 in Fontanelle, Iowa, Adair County.

        32           viii.       Joseph (Randall) Brown1, born 18301.  (step son of James Brown)

        33              ix.       Samuel (Randall) Brown1, born 18311.  (step son of James Brown)


        4.  Thomas Vincent2/(Venson) Brown (Hezekiah1)1 was born September 10, 1816 in Ohio1, and died June 14, 1905 in Sparks, Cherry Co.,Nebraska.  He married    1)  ???     2)  Sarah Elizabeth Moore1 August 17, 1852 in Winterset, Madison County, Iowa1, daughter of A. D. Moore.  She was born 1832 in Tennessee1, and died May 28, 1911 in Sparks, Cherry County, Nebraska1.

Children of Thomas Brown and Sarah Moore are:

        34               i.       Sarah3 Brown1, born July 25, 18441.  (step dau of Sarah Moore)

        35              ii.       Stella E. Brown1, born March 23, 18701.

        36             iii.       Adam Brown1, born January 12, 18591.

        37             iv.       Florence Nightingale Brown1, born March 20, 18631.

        38              v.       Henry Lee Brown1, born March 07, 18571.

        39             vi.       Hezekiah Brown1, born August 01, 18531.

        40            vii.       Louisa Brown1, born July 05, 18551.

        41           viii.       Mary Adaline Brown1, born April 23, 18651.

        42              ix.       Nellie S. Brown1, born November 25, 18731.

        43               x.       Rachel Brown1, born February 28, 18521.

        44              xi.       Temperance Nevada Brown1, born October 25, 18671.

        45             xii.       William Brown1, born September 15, 18601.

        46            xiii.       Sarah Brown, born July 25, 1850.

        47            xiv.       Stelle E. Brown, born March 23, 1870.


        6.  Hezekiah2 Brown (Hezekiah1)1 was born ca 1831 in Ohio1, and died ca 1879 on farm 14 miles E. of Adair, Indian Territory, OK.  He married (1) Nancy A. Shepard1 March 01, 1849 in De Kalb County, Missouri1.  She was born 1834 in Kentucky1, and died 1853 in Iowa1.  He married (2) Edith King June 17, 1857 in Rippy Township, Greene Co., IA.  She was born 1838 in Champaign County, Illinois, and died May 1, 1870 in Mound Valley, LaBette County, Kansas.  He married (3) Sarah M. Coultren1 February 23, 1871 in Jasper County, MO.  She died  ca 1876, while living on farm 14 mi E. of Adair, Indian Territory   (OK)1.  He married (4) Lizzie Bushyhead1 ca 1876 in Indian Territory & lived on farm 14 miles East of  Adair, Indian Territory, (Mayes County, OK)

 Notes for Nancy A. Shepard/Sheppard:

Nancy may be a sister to Hugh, married to Frances. The Sheppards may be Cherokee.


Children of Hezekiah Brown and Nancy Sheperd are:

        48               i.       Mary J.3 Brown1, born 1850, MO.

         49              ii.       James Washington Brown, born 18521   Madiaon County, Iowa

          50             iii.       Thomas Vincent Brown1,born August 07,  18541 Madison County, IA..


Children of Hezekiah Brown and Edith King are:

        51               i.       C.H.3 Brown, born 1858, Greene County, IA.

        52              ii.       John H. Brown, born December 1859, Greene County, Iowa.

+      53             iii.       William (Bill) Riley Brown, born May 14, 1864 in Greene County, Iowa; died March 22, 1905 in Chelsea, COO-WEE-SCOO-WEE District, Indian Territory.  Buried in the Adair Cemetery, Adair, Mayes County, Indian Territory (OK).

        54             iv.       Nancy Julia Brown1, born March 30, 1866 Greene County, Iowa1.  Died 15 Oct 1932 in Riverside, Hollywood County, CA,  Buried in Perris, CA.

        55              v.       Lee Brown1, born March 23, 1867 in Greene County, Iowa.  (Legrand Brown) Died 3 Apr 1936 in Big Cabin, Craig County, OK.  Buried in Adair Cemetery, Adair County, Adair, OK. 

        56             vi.       Robert Brown1, born April 18701; died May 01, 1870 in Mounds Valley, Labette Co, KS1.  (Probably buried with his mother in Coffeyville, Montgomery County, KS)



Children of Hezekiah Brown and Sarah Coultren are:

        57               i.       Benjamin Franklin3 Brown1, born January 01, 1872 on farm 14 miles East of Adair, Indian Territory (Adair, Mayes County, OK)   Died 15 Jan 1958 in Salinas, CA.  Buried in Mapleton, Linn County, KS.

        58              ii.       David Thompson Brown, born 1875 on farm 14 miles East of Adair, Indian Territory (Adair, Mayes County, OK)

        59             iii.       Albert Brown1, born ca 1876, died infant, on farm 14 miles East of Adair, Indian Territory (Adair, Mayes County, OK)  (Probably buried with his mother)


Marriage Notes for Hezekiah Brown and Lizzie Bushyhead:

Lizzie Bushyhead was a niece of  Dr. Rev. Jesse Bushyhead,, Claremore, Indian Territory.


Generation No. 3


        8.  Nancy3 Brown (John2, Hezekiah1)1 was born June 18, 1858 in Kaw, Jefferson Co., KS, and died May 07, 1948 in Pryor, Mayes County, Oklahoma1.  She married John Elizabeth Duncan West1 in Salina, Indian Territory (OK)1, son of James West and Mahala Duncan.  He was born December 04, 18521, and died November 1935.  Nancy & John  are both buried in the West Cemetery, Strang, Oklahoma1.


Children of Nancy Brown and John West are:

        60               i.       Lola Louisa4 West1, born March 08, 18791.

        61              ii.       Edith Lucena West1, born November 09, 18801.

        62             iii.       Lillie Ethey West1, born September 16, 18871.

        63             iv.       Jasper Newton West1, born December 18, 18891.

        64              v.       Cora 'Ora' Cornelia West1, born July 28, 18931.

        65             vi.       Albert Bert West1, born September 28, 18951.

        66            vii.       Ruth West1, born December 06, 18971.


        26.  Thomas Brown ,( James2 , Hezekiah1)1 was born February 23, 1837 in Champaign Co., Illinois, and died July 16, 1910 in Fontonelle, Adair Co., IA.  He married (1) Sarah Weller February 07, 1856 in Madison Co., Iowa.    He married (2) Matilda Catherine Corey January 01, 1860 in Madison Co., Iowa.  She was born November 18, 1840 in Somer Township, Champaign Co., IL.


Children of Thomas Brown and Matilda Corey are:

        67               i.       Mary4 Brown, born January 1862 in Iowa.

        68              ii.       Sarah Jane Brown, born September 07, 1863 in Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa; died October 24, 1952 in Iowa.  She married George P. Sears January 22, 1888 in Adair Co., IA; born July 02, 1864.

        69             iii.       Sillindia Ella Brown, born March 1865 in Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa.  She married J. Ellsworth Chaney February 27, 1887 in Adair Co., IA.

+      70             iv.       Thomas Perry Brown, born March 06, 1867 in Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa; died May 25, 1951 in Fontonelle, Adair Co., IA.

        71              v.       Elizabeth E. Brown, born August 11, 1869 in Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa; died February 12, 1946 in Iowa.  She married Frank Sears February 23, 1890 in Adair Co., IA; born February 27, 1868.

        72             vi.       Robert Riley Brown, born March 1871 in Madison Co., IA.  He married Daisy Mustain February 20, 1899 in Adair Co., IA.



        31.  Francis Marion3 Brown (James2, Hezekiah1) was born 1849 in Fontanelle, Iowa, Adair County.  He married Emma Louella (Laman) Lehman March 23, 1872 in Madison Co., Iowa.  She was born December 1852 in Pennsylvania.


Notes for Francis Marion Brown:

There is an infant listed in Jackson Township, Adair Co., IA cemetery as being the 10 day old child of F.M. and E.I. The date on the stone was March 22, 1882.


Notes for Emma Louella (Laman) Lehman:

Emma was a school teacher.


Children of Francis Brown and Emma Lehman are:

        73               i.       Willard Clayton4 Brown, born 1873 in Little Rock, AK.


Notes for Willard Clayton Brown:

Clayton painted high buildings and towers.


+      74              ii.       Albert Vernon Brown, born March 12, 1875 in Fontanella, Iowa, Adair County; died July 11, 1962 in Fennville, MI.

+      75             iii.       Gertrude Mary Brown, born September 18, 1876 in Iowa; died December 23, 1951 in Fennville, MI.

        76             iv.       Elsie Brown, born January 1880 in Iowa.


Notes for Elsie Brown:

Elsie was a great seamstress. She made suits and wedding dresses. She made Joyce (Jones) Jeffreys wedding dress.


        77              v.       Frankie Brown, born 1883 in Iowa.


Notes for Frankie Brown:

Frankie never married. She shot herself.


+      78             vi.       Nettie Irene Brown, born June 1886 in Fontanelle, Adair Co., Iowa.

+      79            vii.       Arthur Brown, born October 1888 in Iowa.

+      80           viii.       Bessie Elizabeth Brown, born September 1891 in Iowa.



        53.  William (Bill) Riley3 Brown (Hezekiah2, Hezekiah1)2 was born May 14, 1864 in Greene Co., IA, and died March 22, 1905 in Chelsea, COO-WEE-SCOO-WEE Dist. Indian Territory2.  He married Margaret Welthy Stephens2 March 07, 1887 in Mounds City, Linn County, Kansas, daughter of Lockey Stephens and Martha (Kearns).  She was born March 12, 1862 in Bowling Green, Indiana2, and died August 22, 1935 in Chelsea, Rogers County,Oklahoma2.  Both are buried in Adair Cemetery, Adair, Mayes County, OK.

Mrs Brown was called "Meg" and was a good friend of Will Rogers families in Chelsea, OK.  She was a wonderful seamstress for many, many people.  She was a member of the Methodist Church.  She was well known & well respected.


Children of William Brown and Margaret Stephens are:

+      81               i.       Eva Naoma4 Brown, born April 28, 1888 in Mounds City, Linn County, Kansas; died September 05, 1986 in Chelsea, Rogers County, Oklahoma and is buried in the Chelsea Cemetery.  She was married to Homer Howard Huston 4 Apr 1911 in Nowata, Nowata County, OK.  She was a beautiful seanstress for many people in the community.  They always lived in the Chelsea area.

+      82              ii.       Ora Ernest Brown, born July 18, 1889 in Mounds City, Linn County, Kansas; died June 13, 1959 in Centralia, Marion County, Illinois.  He is buried in the Chelsea Cemetery, Chelsea, Rogers County, OK.  He married Mary Alice Huston 29 Apr 1916 in Claremore, Rogers County, OK.  He worked in the Oil Fields in OK and in IL.

+      83             iii.       Edith Ethel Brown, born November 17, 1891 in Carterville, Jasper County, Missouri; died November 25, 1967 in Claremore Nursing Home, Claremore, Rogers County, OK.  She is buried in the Chelsea Cemetery in Chelsea, Rogers County, OK.  She married James Allen Morrison 30 Dec 1917 in Chelsea, Rogers County, OK.  They always lived in Chelsea.

        84             iv.       Martha Jane Brown2,3, born June 30, 18934,5; died 18936,7  from a spider bite.  Buried on the John & Nancy (Brown) West farm near Spavinaw, Indian Territory. 

+      85              v.       Willie Marie Brown, born November 01, 1894 in Chelsea, Rogers County, Indian Territory (OK); died November 16, 1972 in St. John Hospital, Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma.  She is buried in the Chelsea Cemetery, Chelsea, Rogers County, OK.  She married William Hudson Robinson 17 Nov 1915 in Claremore, Rogers County, OK.  They lived in Winganon, OK, until the Oologah Lake was built & the water took their home, then they moved into Chelsea.

+      86             vi.       Julia Del Brown, (called Jewel) born April 05, 1896 in Adair, COO-WEE-SCOO-WEE Dist, Indian Territory; died October 07, 1940 in St Lukes Hospital in Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado.  She is buried in the Chelsea Cemetery, Chelsea, Rogers County, OK.  She married Otsie Clark Stowell, Alluwee, OK, 15 March 1917 in Vinita, Craig County, OK.  They lived in Russell, Russell County, KS, where Otsie was a gauger for the Standolind Pipe Line Company.  Jewel had gone to visit her daughter who was in Colorado Woman's College in Denver where she had a massive stroke.

        87            vii.       Golda Anna Brown, born June 01, 1898 in Chelsea, Rogers County, Indian Territory (OK).   She  died February 16, 1982 in Houston, Harris County, Texas.  She married George Eugene Price 16 Feb 1924 in Chelsea, Rogers County, OK.  Gene Price was a Superintendent for the Shell Pipe Line Company for several year, later becoming a merchant in Cushing, OK, where they lived for years. 



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