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William Browne


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William BrownE

Descendants of William Browne


Generation No. 1


1. WILLIAM1 BROWNE was born 1705, and died July 30, 1775. He married SARAH.


As you will note the last name is spelled with an E on the end; Browne. When the Browne Family came to Greene County, NC the E was dropped. I do not know the reason.


Children of WILLIAM BROWNE and SARAH are:

2. i. SAMUEL2 BROWN I, b. March 31, 1749; d. 1819, Green County, NC.

ii. BENJAMIN BROWN, b. February 22, 1740/41.

iii. LUCY BROWN, b. February 22, 1740/41.

iv. MARY BROWN, b. November 18, 1742.

v. HENRY BROWN, b. January 31, 1731/32.

vi. WILLIAM BROWN, b. October 21, 1734.

vii. JOHN BROWN, b. March 01, 1743/44.

viii. REBECKAH BROWN, b. February 25, 1745/46.

ix. SARAH BROWN, b. October 01, 1748.

x. ELIZABETH BROWN, b. April 16, 1752.

xi. SELEH BROWN, b. December 25, 1753.

xii. ANN BROWN, b. March 28, 1755.

xiii. SILVIAH BROWN, b. December 12, 1758.


Generation No. 2


2. SAMUEL2 BROWN I (WILLIAM1 BROWNE) was born March 31, 1749, and died 1819 in Green County, NC. He married ELIZABETH. She was born August 26, 1766, and died Bet. 1852 - 1855 in -Madison or Haywood County,, Tennessee.


Burial: Green County, NC


Children of SAMUEL BROWN and ELIZABETH are:

3. i. ABEL3 BROWN, b. May 29, 1787, NC.

ii. PEGGY BROWN, b. January 02, 1788.

iii. JOHN BROWN, b. November 06, 1790.


4. v. SAMUEL BROWN II, b. August 21, 1797.

vi. CLARA (CLARY) BROWN, b. November 19, 1803; m. JONATHAN HOLLOWELL.


Generation No. 3


3. ABEL3 BROWN (SAMUEL2, WILLIAM1 BROWNE) was born May 29, 1787 in NC. He married SARAH?.


Children of ABEL BROWN and SARAH? are:

5. i. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN4 BROWN, b. September 15, 1822, NC, Greene County; d. April 07, 1872, In Telico, Ellis County, TX.





vi. SAMUEL BURKETT BROWN, m. NANCY MICHAEL?, August 04, 1847, Madison County, Tennessee.


4. SAMUEL3 BROWN II (SAMUEL2, WILLIAM1 BROWNE) was born August 21, 1797. He married NANCY MUSGRAVE, daughter of RICHARD MUSGRAVE. She was born May 14, 1800.


Samuel Brown II moved with the families of his sister, Clara Brown Hollowell, his mother, Elizabeth and several other families to Haywood County, Tennessee. The trip took them 8 weeks according to an entry in the family Bible.

Samuel brown II left N. Carolina on Thursday, March 16, 1826 and the journey ends in the Forkodeer hinterland on May 11, 1826, which was 8 weeks on the road and by covered wagon.



i. CARLINE JANE4 BROWN, b. November 1822.


iii. ANN CHARLOTTE BROWN, b. February 1827.



vi. MARY ANN ELIZABETH BROWN, b. April 09, 1825.


Generation No. 4


5. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN4 BROWN (ABEL3, SAMUEL2, WILLIAM1 BROWNE) was born September 15, 1822 in NC, Greene County, and died April 07, 1872 in Telico, Ellis County, TX. He married EMILY C. RAY October 14, 1846 in Madison County, Tennessee. She was born August 30, 1828 in NC, and died March 30, 1893 in Admiral, TX.


Benjamin "Franklin" Brown was born in Greene County, NC. He married Emily C. Ray in 1846 (born in NC also) in Madison County, TN and their first child Elizabeth H. was born 1847 in Madison County, TN. Benjamin and Emily moved to Shelby County, TX by 1850 and are shown on the 1850 census for that county. The rest of their children were born in Shelby County, Texas. About 1860, Benjamin and his family moved to Ellis County, Texas. After Ben's death, Emily moved to Callahan County, TX (Admiral).


This information was compiled by Josephine Ross, 905 E. 38th, Austin, TX 78705

This is information received from Dorothy Morris.

It was during a trip to Tennessee in September of 1990 that I learned the name of my Great, Great, Great Grandfather, William Browne. The information was obtained from Mrs. Dorothy MOrris and Dr. Jack E. Forrest, who are both distant cousins. The information had been copied from the Brown Bible. After I returned home I learned that Mrs. Frances Forrest, Route 3, Box 546, 3191 Rice Road, Barownsville, TN 38012 has the bible in her possession. (Note: Frances dies 5 or 6 years ago).

Although I did not see the Bible, I was told that it was printed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1752 and it is tattered and torn. Dr. Forrest said that you can tell that some of it was written with soot from lamp chimneys. I look forward to seeing this Bible. (This information was verified by Dorothy Morris and I have a copy of of a page of the bible.)

The following information was copied from this Bible:

"William Browne departed this life the 30th day of July, 1776, at the age of 71 years. He was born in the year 1705." ( Wiliam was my great, great, great, great grandfather).

The names of his thirteen children are listed in the Bible:

Henry Browne, born 31 January, 1732

William Browne, born 21 October, 1734

Benjamin Browne, born 26 February, 1737

Lucy Browne, born 22 February, 1741

Mary Browne, boarn 18 November, 1742

John Browne, born 1 March, 1744

Rebeckah Browne, born 25 February, 1746

Sarah Browne, born 1 October, 1748

Samuel Browne I, born 31 March, 1749 ( Samuel is my great, great, great grandfather)

(Note: Dorothy Morrison's GGG Grandfather)

Elizabeth Browne, born 16 April, 1752

Selah Browne, born 25 December, 1753

Ann Browne, born 28 March, 1755

Silviah Browne, born 12 December, 1758

Page 2

Samuel Brown I will)

William Browne's ninth child, Samuel I, was my GGG Grandfather. It is interesting to note that this generation dropped the "e" from Browne. Most of the information that we have about him comes from his will. It was almost by accident that his will was preserved. The will was found among some old papers in the County Court Clerk's office in Brownsville, Haywood County, TN in 1937 by Annie Sue Holland who was working on the copying of historical records project. The original longhand copy is filed in the Haywood County Office, Will Book E, Pages 9, 10, 11.

At the time the will was written on 6 November, 1817, he was living in Greene County, North Carolina. They lived on a plantation on Nantrenta and Appletree Swamp. He also owned 140 acres on the South side of Nantrenta Swamp and 370 acres in PItt County, which he had purchased on 4 February, 1817 for $1200.00. In addition, he owned one tract of land on "the long branch" and fourteen slaves. The three sons named in his will were Abel (Benjamin F. Brown's father), Samuel and John H. (Note: Abel is Benjamin's line according to Dorothy Morrison). The three daughters were Peggy, Clary, and a married daughter, Charlotte Forrest. His wife's name was Elizabeth. I have not yet learned her maiden name. It is from the Brown Bible that we learn the birth dates of the children:

Abel Brown, born 29 May, 1787

Peggy Brown, born 2 January 1788

John H. Brown, born 6 November, 1790

Charlotte Brown, born 13 July, 1793

Samuel Brown II, born 21 August, 1797 (Note: Dorothy Morrison's GG Grandfather)

Clary (Clara Brown, born 19 November, 1803

It appears from a statement made in the will that John, who would have been twenty-seven years of age at that time, was living on the land in Pitt County.

Page 3

Samuel I, died in 1817 and his will was proven on 12 May, 1818 in Greene County, North Carolina. Abel Brown was made executor.

The Brown Bible provides the information that the Brown family, including the mother, Elizabeth, left North Carolina on Thursday March 16, 1826. Their journey ended "in the Forkodeer Hinterland the 11 May which was 8 weeks on the road." The family traveled with a number of families in covered wagons to their new home in the adjourning Tennessee counties of Madison and Haywood. Included in the group were the Dickinsons, Forrests, and Musgraves.

Charlotte Brown had married Thomas Joiner Forrest while they still lived in North Carolina, He had remained in North Carolina when his father had moved to Tennessee in 1812. Their first four children were born in North Carolina.

Samuel Brown II married Nancy Musgrave on 17 October, 1821 and they brought their first two children as they traveled to Tennessee.

Abel Brown purchased 292 acres of land in Madison County, Tennessee on June 29, 1826. The 1830 census showed Abel's family to consist of the following:

1 mail under 5

2 males between 5-10

1 male 10-15

1 male 20-30

1 male 40-50 (Note: Abel, 43)

2 females under 5

1 female 30-40 (Note: Abel's wife?)

I have located the names of six of his children:

John G. Brown

William T. Brown born March 2, 1827

Jessee A. Brown

Helena Brown (married Thom)

Benj. F. Brown

Samuel B. Brown

Page 4

I do not have the date of Abel's death. He was still living when the 1840 census was taken but he died prior to his mother's death. I did not find a will on file in Madison County for Abel. Elizabeth, who was later blind, lived with her daughter, Charlotte, and died in 1852.

Samuel and his wife settled in the eastern part of Haywood County along a creek which still bears his name. We had the opportunity to see the site where his home had stood and to see the two acres next to his home that he set aside for a church and a cemetery. His tombstone still stands in this cemetery. (Note: Dorothy Morrison and sister still own this land.)

Samuel II and Nancy had six children:

Carline Jane Brown Born 2 November 1822, married to Albert Emerson

Elizabeth Ann Mehaley Brown, born 24 September 1824

married 1) James H. Musgrave

2) James Anderson Hudson

died 22 January 1908

Anna Arabella Brown born 8 february 1827, married J.J. Dickinson,

Died 29, April 1859

(Note: Dorothy Morrison's great grandmother. Martha Jane Dickinson is Dorothy's grandmother and she married Isaac Washington Curlin, my grandfather. Anna Arabella Brown and Benjamin F were 1st cousins.)

Polly Catherine Cannon Brown

Born 24 May 1829

Percy Margaret Clopatry Brown

John Thomas Brown

Charlotte and Thomas Forrest lived in eastern Haywood County near the Woodland Community. They had eight children:

Page 5

Elizabeth Forrest


Co., TN. His first wife was the daughter of JONATHAN HOLLOWELL and CLARA


W. R. HAYNE S & wife SARAH R. HAYNES & others vs FRANKLIN BROWN & others.

Petition to divide slaves. Be it remembered that on this the 4th day of

December 1854 came on this cause to be heard and was heard by the worshipful

County Court of Haywood County upon the bill and petition of petitioners and

now _ as to defendants and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court

that the notice required by the court that the notice required by the court

had been duly made in the Brownsville Journal for four successive weeks

directing and ordering the appearance of defendants under the order

foresaid. And it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that the

application of of petitioners is reasonable and ought to be granted. it is

therefore ordered adjudged and bound by the court that _ CURRY , HUGH M.


be appointed commissioners who shall divide and set apart to each of the

towit: W. R. HAYNES & wife who represent PEGGY TYSON who was PEGGY BROWN ,


representatives, J. HOLLOWAY (HOLLOWELL ) & CLARA & representatives, JOHN

BROWN represented by F. W. TYUS and others, the slaves to divide into six

parts as follows: Nann, Cinthia, Jonas, Bettus, Carry, Jack, Elly, Malinda,

Rosel, Caroline, Willis, Bettus, John Jun, Louisa, Margaret, Harriet and the

_ for the last eighteen months be by said commissioners also taken under

their notice and divide into six equal parts with said slaves so as to make

share and share alike and report to the next term of this court all other

matters and things being secured until the coming in of said report.

(Haywood Co., TN, Minute Book F, p. 107).

1854 State of Arkansas } In Dallas Probate Court

County of Dallas } In Vacation December 23rd 1854

WILLIAM H. DICKINSON , Minor. Application for Guardian. Be it Remembered

that on this the 23rd day of December A.D. 1854 came WILLIAM H. DICKINSON a

minor under the age of twenty one years and over the age of fourteen years

and filed herein his petition for a Guardian and it appearing from said

petition that said WILLIAM H. DICKINSON has an Estate in the State of

Tennessee valued at about five hundred dollars and it also appearing from

said petition that he has chosen his father RUFUS W. DICKINSON his Guardian

and the said RUFUS W. DICKINSON tendered his bond as such Guardian in the

sum of one thousand dollars conditioned according to law with EDWARD M.

HARRIS and WILLIAM DANIEL as his securities which ___ is received and

approved and RUFUS W. DICKINSON is hereby appointed Guardian of WILLIAM H.

DICKINSON Minor as aforesaid and letter of Guardianship Granted him. Subject

to the approval or rejection of said Court of Probate at its January term

A.D. 1855. JO. GRAY , Clerk. Dallas Probate Court. (Probate Court Record

Book A, p. 157, Dallas Co., AR).

Know all men by these presents that we RUFUS W. DICKINSON as principal and

WILLIAM DANIEL & EDWARD M. HARRIS as securitys are held and firmly bound

unto WILLIAM HENRY DICKINSON in the first and full sum of one thousand

dollars for the payment whereof well and truly to be made, we bind

ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators firmly by these presents.

Signed with our hands and sealed with our seals and dated at Dallas County

this 23rd December A.D. 1854. The condition of this obligation is such, that

Whereas the said RUFUS W. DICKINSON was on the 23rd day of December A.D.

1854 appointed by the Clerk of Probate of the County of Dallas Guardian of

WILLIAM HENRY DICKINSON a minor under the age of twenty one years. Now if

the said RUFUS W. DICKINSON shall duly return according to law just and true

accounts of his Guardianship and if the said RUFUS W. DICKINSON his heirs

executors and administrators upon the determination or ceasing of such

Guardianship, Shall deliver and pay to the said WILLIAM HENRY DICKINSON his

executors or administrators, or any Guardian that may be appointed to the

said WILLIAM HENRY DICKINSON after the determination or ceasing of the

Guardianship of said RUFUS W. DICKINSON all the Money, property, and effects

belonging to him in the possession or under the control of the said RUFUS W.

DICKINSON and if the said RUFUS W. DICKINSON shall in all things faithfully

perform and fulfill his duty as Guardian as aforesaid then this obligation

shall be void and of none effect, otherwise to be and remain in full force


, Clerk. Dallas Set. The above and foregoing bond was filed and approved in

Vacation December 23rd 1854, and approved in open Court January 2nd 1855,

and is now duly Recorded this 11th day of January 1855. (Dallas Co., AR,

Will Book B, p. 490).

1855 W. R. HAYNES & wife SARAH vs. FRANKLIN BROWN & others. January Term

1855. Be it remembered that on this 2 day of January 1855 came on this cause

to be finally heard before the worshipful County Court of Haywood County

upon the report of commissioners appointed at the December term last past in

the estate of SAMUEL BROW N SEN. deceased which said report is in the

following words and figures towit: By virtue of the annexed court of the

worshipful county court of Haywood County December term 1854 the undersigned

partitioned the Negroes and heirs of said Negroes as required by said decree

and present the following as the result of our labors. The aggregate

valuation of the Negroes we make ten thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars

one sixth of which is eighteen hundred and twenty five dollars. The

aggregate of funds as furnished by the County Court of Haywood County is

seventeen hundred and thirty seven dollars and 76 cents, one sixth of which

is two hundred and eighty nine dollars and sixty two cents. And the

aggregate of Negroes and funds in twelve thousand six hundred and eighty

seven dollars and 72 cents, one sixth of which is twenty one hundred and

fourteen dollars and 62 cents, the amount coming to each legatee or

representative. The following is the allotment made to W. R. HAYNES and wife

who represent PEGGY TYSON . No. 6, Carry & Harriet $1825 of the valuation of

Negroes and $289.62 of the other property or funds on hand $1825, 289.62 -

$2,114.62. To ABEL BROWN s representatives. No. 5, Jack and Margaret $1750

of Negroes and $304.62 of the other property. $2,114.62. To CHARLOTTE

FORREST . No. 1, Melinda, Harriet Jun., John & Bettus Jun. $1825 of the

Negroes and $289.62 of the funds or property - $2114.62. To SAMUEL BROWN s

representatives No. 3, Jim Sen., Louisa, and Cintha, $1875 of Negroes and

$239.62 of the funds - $2114.62. To J. HOLLOWAY (H OLLOWELL) CLARA H.

(HOLLOWELL) representatives No. 2, Ella, Willis & Jim Jun., $1900 of Negroes

and $213.62 of the funds - $2114.62. To J. BROWN represented by F. W. TYUS &

others No. 4, Bettus Sen., and Caroline, $1775 of the Negroes and $339.62 of

the other property - $2114.62. We now duly sworn before acting in this case.

HUGH M. CLARK , J. B. CAMPBELL , A. GRAY , and to which there is no

exception whereupon the same is in all things confirmed. It is therefore

bound adjudged and ordered that ABEL BROWN , CHARLOTTE FORREST , SAMUEL

BROWN s representatives, J. HOLLOWAY (HOLLOWELL) and CLARA his wife

representative and JOHN BROWN who is represented by F. W. TYUS have in and

to Negro slave Lot No. 6, Cary and Harriet valued $1825 and of funds

$289.62 - $2114.62, be divested out of them and vested in the said WILLIAM

R. HAYNES and wife PEGGY their heirs and assigns forever. That all the right

title claim and interest that W. R. HAYNES and PEGGY his wife, CHARLOTTE

FORREST , SAMUEL BROWN s representative, J. HOLLOWELL and CLARA his wife

representatives, J. BROWN who is represented by F. W. TYUS have in and to

Negroe slaves Jack & Margaret valued at $1750 and other property $364.62 be

divested out of them and their heirs and vested in said ABEL BROWN s

representative their heirs and assigns forever. - $2114.62. That all the

right title claim and interest that W. R. HAYNES and PEGGY his wife, ABEL

BROWN s representatives, SAMUEL BROWN s representatives, J. HOLLOWELL and

CLARA his wife representatives, J. BROWN who is represented by F. W. TYUS

have in and to Negro slaves Malinda, Harriet, & Batus Jun., $1825 and other

property of $289.62 be divested out of them and their heirs and vested in

said CHARLOTTE FORREST her heirs and assigns forever. That all the right

title claim and interest that W. R. HAYNES and wife PEGGY , CHARLOTTE

FORREST , J. HOLLOWELL CLARA his wife representatives, ABEL BROWN , J. BROWN

who is represented by F. W. TYUS have in and to Negroe slaves Jim Sen,

Louisa and Centhia valued at $1875 and other property valued at $239.62. -

$2114.62, be divested out of them and their heirs and vested in said SAMUEL

BROWN representative their heirs and assigns forever. That all the rights title claim and interest that W. R. HAYNES and PEGGY his wife, CHARLOTTE FORREST , SAMUEL BROWN's representatives ABEL BROWN, J.BROWN who is represented by F. W. TYUS have in and to Negroe slaves Ella, Willis and Jim Jun valued at $1900 and other funds amounting to $214.62 be divested out of them and their heirs and vested in J. HOLLOWELL and CLARA his wife representatives their heirs and assigns forever. That all the right title claim and interest that W. R. HAYNES and PEGGY his wife, CHARLOTTE FORREST, ABEL BROWN , SAMUEL BROWN JUN. representatives, J. HOLLOWELL and wife CLARA, representatives have in and to Negroe slaves Bettus Sen, Caroline to the amount of $1775 and other funds to amount of $339.62 to be divested out of them and vested in said JOHN BROWN who is represented by F. W. TYUS his heirs and assigns forever and that the administration pay the costs of this suit for which let execution issue and that said administration charge the same to the various representatives. (Haywood Co., TN, Minute Book F, pp.123-125)R. W. DICKINSON Guardian - In account. 1856, Feb. 12. To Cash Recd. of Estate of SAML. BROWN , decd. his Grand father in Haywood County Tennessee being a legacy to said ward - $404.28. Interest on same at 6 prct. from Feb. 12/56 - 10.72. Whole amt. of Debits - $415.00. 1856 Feby. 12th. By Necessary Expenses in traveling from Dallas County, Ark, to Haywood Co. Tenn. to collect said Legacy and Returning the trip being made on his account - 42.00. July 21/56. To Balance of Wards Estate in Guardians hands - $373.00. State of Arkansas, County of Dallas. I JOSEPH GRAY Clerk of the Circuit Court & Exofficio Clerk of the Court of Probate in and for the County of Dallas aforesaid do hereby certify that the above and foregoing account current &c Recorded on this page is duly Recorded & truly copied from the original now on file in my office. I also certify that said account &c was examined audited and confirmed by our said Court of Probate at October Term 1856 as now fully appears by the decree in that Behalf Book B page 65. Given under my hand as clerk &c at office. December 19th 1856.

(Dallas Co., AR, Will Book C, p. 396).





Burial: Telico Cemetery, Ellis County, TX


Children of BENJAMIN BROWN and EMILY C.RAY are:

i. ELIZABETH H.5 BROWN, b. October 14, 1847, Madison County, Tennessee; d. Bet. 1880 - 1885, Admiral, TX; m. ISSAIC CRUMB MCCARTY, September 23, 1869, Ellis County, TX.


Burial: Admiral, Callahan County, TX

ii. MARTHA ANN BROWN, b. March 12, 1850, Shelby County, TX; d. January 26, 1923, Baird, Callahan County, TX;

iii. WILLIAM T. BROWN, b. May 13, 1852, Shelby County, TX.

iv. FRANKLIN P. BROWN, b. July 11, 1853, Shelby County, TX; d. February 19, 1874, Telico, TX.

v. JOHN HENRY BROWN, b. October 23, 1855, Shelby County, TX; d. May 28, 1931, Admiral, Callahan County, TX;


Submitted by: Martha McGuire 

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